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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 28, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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explain. david? >> reporter: ukee, jessica, many of these teachers and staff members haven't been paid in months because of the summer vacation. but they decided to for go at least one paycheck to help the district get back on its feet. i spoke to some students who tell me they are concerned about the district's future. the chester high school cheerleaders are doing whatever it takes to stay positive. they're using school spirit as way to deal with the fact that chester upland schools are in a financial nightmare. >> what's going to happen to us if we don't start school. >> reporter: sophomore johnson and her friends have just a few days left of summer but news that the district is having financial problems is a big top pig of conversation even for 15-year-olds. >> if i didn't have a school i wouldn't be able to be on this team and it concerns me. >> reporter: state law requires chester to continue to pay charter schools in the area that educate about half of the student population. that's about $64 million this year using the state formula.
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the problem, the district can't pay that and every day operating costs. >> it's an incredibly stressful and difficult situation. >> reporter: michelle pollock an english teacher in the district and also the president of the local education association. she and other teachers agreed to give up their salaries until thing get back to normal. >> it's something that we kind of have to do because they deserve it. >> reporter: pollock told "eyewitness news" it won't be easy to miss a paycheck especially since she's a teacher who saw her last check in mid june. >> these are great kids and it's not fair. this is not problem of they're making. it's not problem of our making and we just want to do what's right and give these kids everything that they deserve. >> reporter: the students are well aware of the decision made by their teachers. >> i mean they actually care about us and they want us to get our education to be able to be something when we grow up. >> reporter: the wolf administration wants to find a way so that the district can
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only pay about half of what the required to pay for those charter schools a lot of this could have been figure out if lawmakers in harrisburg would have passed a budget. that deadline was july 1st. we don't know when that will happen. we are several months over due from that budget. we are live in chester tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. other news tonight authorities are investigating a crash on route 206 in burlington county that claimed two lives. chopper loafer over the scene in southampton a car heading southbound near garden street struck a pedestrian and overtu overturn. the pedestrian and the passenger in the car were killed. no word tonight on the on the entities of those involved in the crash. >> the roanoke virginia community is gathering to remember the news crew gunned down. dozens gathered tonight. they sang and prayed for wdbj reporter allison parker and
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cameraman adam ward. there was a stop the violence rally outside the headquarters. police searched vester flanaga flanagan's apartment for clues into his trouble past. flanagan known on air as bryce williams shot and kill the news crew and wounded a woman during a live interview yesterday. he later killed himself. police also searched flanagan's car and recovered a glock pistol and ammunition a brie case with three license plates arc wig an black hat and a had to do list. allison parker's father is now vowing to fight gun violence. >> my mission now is i'm going to make, you know, her live matter as it were and i'm going to do everything i can to try and strengthen gun control laws where crazy people don't get gun. i mean this guy -- i mean he was crazy. >> wdbj fired flanagan back in 2013 for behavioral issues. he filed a discrimination lawsuit against the station but
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it was dismissed. new tonight a brazen july row store heist caught on camera in hamilton mercer county. the video shows the two masked bandits breakin breaking into tt jewelers wednesday morning. once inside, the quaker bridge road store they smashed several display cases and stole several thousand dollars in jewelry they got away in a dark colored four door vehicle park in the parking lot across from the store. if you can identify the suspects you are asked to call the poli police. tonight the sports world is mourning the loss of a legend. darryl dawkins whose backboard shattering dunks earned him the nickname chocolate thunder has passed. he was a player revered on and off the court. pat joins us with a look back at an mazing career and such a loveable and talented man. >> one of the free spirits in sports. babb mourns the loss of the giant who shattered back boards for a living. dawkins died of a heart attack
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this morning that was 58. >> he was more than a thunderous done kerr a gentle man scene with smile on his face. philadelphia basketball legend sonny hill said he was a big man but the first of his kind. >> darryl you today can't was probably the first outward going center in the history of the nba. so much so, that he was shaquille o'neal before shack. >> i was a connoisseur of nicknames. naming his dunk the spine chiller and the rim wrecker. famous nickname chocolate thunder was given to him by none other than stevie wonder. he was just that cool. >> sixers c he o scott o'neal put out statement that said in part "we've lost a dear friend and iconic figure. we remember him fondly not only for his thunderous dunks but more importantly his powerful presence and personality. ". >> hill says, he would have fit in well even in today's game. >> he was big in his day, but he would have been bigger today because he had that kind of personality. he had the way to be able to
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rhyme, you know, we look at what's going on in the hiphop world now. well he was doing that before hiphop became hiphop. >> dawkins played parts of 14 seasons in the inform ba7 of them with the sixers. he was never an all star never wouldn't championship but it didn't matter. the man could be seen with a smile on his face and really like a planet. he had that gravitational pull. everywhere he went people were -- >> planet love tron. up deed. we saw in pat's report the man had powerful presence in the paint and during his retirement days when i first met him big teddy bear and all about the community. i was fortunate to do a few charity events with him like here in west philly at the shepherd rec center. joseph kauffman of impact charity services who was by his side as well on many occasions out in the neighborhood. another view of the same event in the big guy on the right had words of wisdom for the young people. he talk sports. he talk about the game of life and what a live chocolate thunder had.
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many people are taking to social media share their thoughts about the passing of darryl dawkins. you can connect with us on facebook and twitter to let us know some of your favorite moments. pat will return and he'll have more on athletes are remembering the big fella darryl dawkin. >> we're now just 30 days away from pope francis' arrival here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" has learned septa regional rail passes are still available and there's still places to stay in philadelphia if you want to see the pope in person. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live along the ben franklin parkway with more on this. diana? >> reporter: and jessica, by now septa and city hotels thought they would would be fully book but that is clearly not the case. so as the city is trying to finalize its plans for the papal weekend, it's hoping people planning on making the trip here will do the same. one month from the pope's visit and the city still has plenty of room for visitors making the pilgrimage much. >> it's not going to be the, you
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know, long weights or long walks that had previously been reported. >> septa is the only transportation into center city that weekend and they still have 200,000 papal passes for sale. which is more than half of the 350,000 available. >> i don't know the reason why we haven't sold out. it might be apprehension seive. i know there's a lot of vacancies in hotels downtown. >> reporter: trains will be shut link visitors directly from the airport to center city, and now that includes those who live locally and want to drive and park. at an air bnb meeting thursday there were plenty of homes still looking for tenants. >> i don't kind of think that you can get a thus san dollars a night. >> empty hotel rooms and private vacancies are forcing hosts to drop their rates or negotiate. >> we started out right around like 500 a night. and we've gotten a few hits but people are kind of trying to negotiate rates and stay for longer periods of time. >> julian has four units for rent in rittenhouse square on
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air bnb. she's hosting 14 guests coming from california, texas and as far away as holland. >> i did lower the price because i had it on there for a couple months now. and i did notice that i wasn't getting any questions. as soon as i lowered the price, to fair market value, i got hits like crazy. >> reporter: so worth noting that that woman julia was asking $600 a night for her apartment. she did reduce that rate to 200 and that's when she says they started filling up quickly. septa is reminding everyone there will be no sales the weekend that the pope is here. all passes must be bought in advance. we're live along the ben franklin parkway tonight, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, we're also learning more tonight about how people will see the pope during his visit even if they cannot get close to him. giant video screens or jumbotrons will be set up up stage video in pottstown is responsible for making sure 10-foot by 17-foot jumbotrons will be ready for an estimated
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1.5 million sets of eyes. the team is assembling packing and preparing to transport nearly 40led display screens. >> from the papal altar on eakins oval to city hall to south and north broad street, jumbotrons will begin progra programming on saturday the 26th at 6:00 a.m. >> i don't know the great visuals the screens will be able to reveal vital information involving security and weather warnings. this unique sculpture is complete. and will soon take its place next to the cathedral basilica for the papal visit. it's called a not grotto local artists have thousands of people write their problems on strips of cloths and noted them. the knots will be a fix the to the grotto. during the papal visit visitors will be invited to ad their own knot or untie someone else's knot to share that person's who are ship. tonight all eyes are on erika. the tropical storm has already left its mark on parts of the caribbean and meteorologist kate bilo is closely watching the
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storm's track much kate? >> jessica, we're going to keep a very close eye on erika especially tonight into tomorr tomorrow. this is crunch time for erika moving into an area of very high shear and moving over land as well. that has been known to rip apart a storm if erika survives, we can expect potential impact as a category one hurricane for florida early next week coming up i'll have the freshly minted track from the national hurricane center and also have our forecast which includes a heat wave as we head into september. that's coming up in just a few minutes. also, ahead at 11:00 the verdict is in on donald trump's hair. what the presidential candidate did a campaign event that prove its real. >> and these dancing philadelphia police officers have become online sensation. we'll tell you why they're doing the nae-nae. >> and someone finally caught up with the fastest man on earth. what happened after a segue riding cameraman collided with bolt. stay with us.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" now at least four people have died in severe flooding and mudslides caused by tropical storm erika. on the eastern caribbean island of dominica. video of a river overflowing in the nation's capitol. two of those victims are children. forecasters say nearly 9-inches of rain fell on the mountainous island late yesterday followed by another sick inches early today. saturday marks a dark and painful period in new orleans history. president obama is in the city for the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. the president visited one of several neighborhoods devastated when katrina storm surge flooded the city in 2005. newtown homes now line the streets. the federal government has poured billions of dollars 92 recovery efforts and the president promised the country will protect the city against the next storm. >> what you're seeing here is an example of the incredible
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federal, state, local partnerships that have helped to revitalize this community. >> across the gulf region nearly 2,000 people were killed and at least 1 million were forced from their homes when katrina made landfall. the road to a full recovery will likely continue for decades to come. new poll shows a surge and support for vice-president joe biden as he contemplates a potential run for the white house much the poll found biden faired better against the top gop candidates in hypothetical general election matchups than hillary clinton. clinton remains the front runner but has lost 10 points worth of support in the past month. biden today met with the head of afl-cio one of the largest and most powerful unions. the group has not yet endorsed a candidate. meanwhile in the republican presidential race donald trump continues to enjoy big lead in the polls. today in south carolina he decided to settle the issue about his much ridiculed
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hairstyle once and for all. >> i don't wear a toupee. it's my hair. i swear. come here. come here. >> woman from the audience confirmed trump's hair is the real deal. there you go. >> there you go. video featuring local police officers in philadelphia's 35th district is going viral. they're doing the nae-nae. >> but the video is about a lot more than impressive dance moves. ♪ >> philadelphia police sergeant perkins recruited fellow officers and children from the community to do the nae-nae. >> i know people get along better with music. i thought it would be a good idea to bring the officers and the community together. >> they were inspired by the hit song watch me by cilantro. >> captain derek e woods said the filming got a lot of neighborhood attention. >> people walking by stopping
2:24 am
joining us. the kids were really excited. community beeping their horns. >> video was awesome. >> the home grown video has been since 8am wednesday and already has more than 4,000 hits. one of them was from kayla moody it. >> shows the kids that you don't have to be afraid of every single cop and not all cops are the same. >> 35th district says mission accomplish. >> i might go down to the 35th now and do it. >> ukee, do you the nae-nae. >> well -- >> yes. >> i got a new hip about three years ago. >> three years ago. >> yeah. and -- >> it should be good now. >> i'll keep that it way. i'm going to keep it in shape. that will be a no-no on the nae-nae right now. >> that might be a little bit of a tweak. >> they did a great job. >> they did a great job. >> if he ever does it we'll let you know. we'll get it on video don't you worry. >> your children do it. >> my children love the song. >> my six-year-old knows every too many they go okay. okay. he's like perfect timing on that song.
2:25 am
>> maybe he has a future in music. >> he just may. >> i love it. >> back to weather. how is the weather? >> the weather is gorgeous as we know. what a great week it's been. >> it has. >> tomorrow looks like another fantastic day. fabulous friday can't go wrong with that. the question is how long can it last? well it look like the sun will stick with us for while but the temperature starts creeping upward as we head through the end of august and into september. let's take look outside and see how the evening looks. feels great outside. looks beautiful, too this great skyline shot of center city philly from our building. cbs philly studios this is a great view we get to see this every day when we walk by the windows or head out on the sky deck or walk out to the parking lot and it is breath take wagon beaut beautiful night it is. storm scan3 looking good, clear, not expecting nigra way of rain for days and days. skies are clear as we zoom into the philadelphia area. let's check our live neighborhood network temperatures generally ranging from the low to upper 60s across the network here new castle county airport down to 63 already. point pleasant beach at 68 and
2:26 am
66 at the northeast philadelphia airport. that is cool for this time of the year and temperatures dropping considerably overnight we'll see some spots waking up in the 50s early tomorrow morning. for the member couple of days high pressure starts to slip east and this is going to be dominating our weather pattern but all depends what side of the high you're on. when you're on the western side you get a southwest flow and that's going to start to ramp not only the heat but the humidity it will steam up through the weekend still some sun on sunday. highs getting close to 90 and we may be in the 99s for a stretch early next week. but quiet weather here at home not so much in the caribbean as tropical storm erika continues to churn. moving through portions of the lesser antilles and headed for puerto rico for hispaniola as we go through the overnight hours tonight and into the tomorrow. we have to watch our erika deals with the wind shear in this environment and moving over the land the rocky terrain who are especially over hispaniola could help to weaken the storm. if erika survives here's the latest track from the national hur can center. ing see moving through the bahamas over the weekend and then just hugging the east coast
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of florida here and this is early neck week. so this position just off the northern coast of florida that's tuesday at 8:00 p.m. the waters are very very warm there allowing erika to potentially strengthen into a category one hurricane but, again, the storm has limitations obstacles to get through. dry air in place a lot of wind shear especial toll night and inter act with landover hispaniola a weak storm but if it can survive, to make it to the warm gulf stream waters we can be dealing with a have thenning system for the southeast next week. comfy at 64 degrees. for tomorrow mostly sunny and nice at 84. down the shore, looks gorgeous for the next couple of days. we've got lots of sunshine and temperatures really ramping up a little bit through the weekend back to the mid 80s. your i were the weather seven day forecast looks fabulous and then it heats up. look at the 90's monday through wednesday of nex
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the man who once said he was from planet love tron and was famous for one of the great sports nicknames of all time has passed away. darryl dawkins aka chocolate
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thunder died of a heart attack this morning. he was 58. his family released a statement saying "darryl touched the hearts and spirits of so many with his big smile and personality ferocious drunks but more than anything his huge loving heart" nba and philadelphia sports community has been reactioning to the loss of the gentle giant. magic johnson saying darryl dawkins bigger than live personality will be missed by all. he was good friend and i will miss him dearly. ai getting in on it as well. i've saying condolences to the family of darryl dawkin a great man. your smile, personality and energy will truly be missed. jahlil okafor saying darryl dawkin was an icon as sixer will he legend but more as person. he will be truly missed by all. rip. >> darryl dawkins -- >> this might be hard for
2:31 am
phillies fans to swallow but right now the mets own them. the series has been dominated by the long ball especially from the hot hitting mets. that would change tonight. the phillies would build a nice lead early on. helped by this opposite field homerun. darrin ruf up and out make it five to nothing phillies. that would van wait. one-man wrecking crew. nearly taxi out the entire phillies bullpen in centerfield his third homer of the series fels up five-four. they went to extras and weird things happened. that's a one, three, one put out the hard way. maybe one of the most ridiculous plays you'll see all year mets just took the lead in the 13th inning eight-five. on saturday the eagles will get a nice test with aaron rodgers and green bay packers and it's the all important third preseason game. how much will sam bradford play. chip kelly isn't saying as usual but he's enjoying the strides bradford has made. >> he's better today than he was
2:32 am
on august 1st and he's continuing to get comfortable in what we're doing and i seal him not making the same mistake. i think he really coachable guy and i think he's got great understanding of the game of football. >> fastest man in the world only one way to stop you to sweep the leg johnny. following bolt's win in the 200-meters at the world track and field championships, gentleman on the segue takes him out. now, call me crazy if i'm bolt and i set world records with those legs i'm giving that segue drive a little piece of my mind i think. >> i would too. >> that could have been career ending. >> we were saying, acl. eye i mean, arc kill lease all kinds of things. >> wow!
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♪ it's a sloth. no it's a bear. >> it's a sloth bear. >> really. >> that's what it is.
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philadelphia zoo introducing visitors to their newest resident in their bear country exhibit. this is kayla the 284 old sloth bear. kayla arrived last month from the san diego zoo but in the wild sloth bears are usually found in india. zookeepers say she's been spending a lot of time climbing and also digging for bug. >> that's how they roll. >> that's how you do it when you're a sloth bear. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. our morning team is back at 4:00 their. for pat, kate and our entire team, thanks for watching much i'm ukee washington. >> madam secretary is next. i'm jessica dean. good night, f
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